I haven’t dedicated a lot of quality time to this space given recent events of late, so I certainly haven’t been anticipating any interest or evidence that people have been checking in and discovering my li’l ol’ blog.  And I definitely didn’t consider that perhaps social media would somehow boost my blog out in Internet-land and suggest it to people as something they might like. Oh how naive I was to think that I could potentially make it through a year under the radar.

You see it turns out that people actually do have a look at those recommendation notification thingy’s that pop up in social media apps such as Instagram. You know the ones, they suggest a list of people that you should follow and ultimately unless the picture really grabs your attention you just don’t bother… no? Oh, that’s just me then?

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I get a text from one of my most favourite people (and cousin-in-law) that said this:



The secret is out. And you know what, I’m actually ok with that.

My first move was to defend the garbage that is contained within before I realised that regardless of the quality I’ve been producing lately, I’m actually proud of the commitment that I’ve made to myself.  The resistance to people knowing I blog is because I fear that they will think that I’m crap. That I have no skill and no right to be writing full stop.  Even though that from a rational point of view, I know that I’m actually quite articulate if you’re into memos and briefing notes! My creative writing took a back seat a decade ago, and it’s only now that I’ve found the time and the headspace to delve back into that territory.

So yes, I am proud.  I have managed to post something every day.  Some things have been utter tripe and cause some embarrassment, but there are actually a few posts that I’m proud of (Mrs Benno – those would be here, here, and herethis one, this onethat one and this one… oh, and you’ll like this one – just in case you were wondering!)

The point was to get writing and I’m doing that.  And of course the fabulous benefit is that I am able to create a trove of tangible treasures for my girls to enjoy in the future.

So to Mrs Benno, and any other lurkers out there – I guess the secret is out! I welcome you to my not-as-hidden-as-I-thought cyber-cave and encourage you to look around. May you enjoy my garbled thoughts, soapbox rants and contemplative gibberish – feel free to comment if you feel compelled! And anything that you think is rubbish, I, er, it’s absolutely meant to be like that!

Has the thought of someone in your ‘real life’ finding out about something that you’ve done or are doing ever held you back from doing something that you love? Is anyone else curious to know what Mrs Benno’s reaction was when she realised what she’d stumbled upon?




2 thoughts on “Busted

  1. Mrs Benno

    I had a good giggle when the title of your latest post popped up in my inbox today. First time I’ve ever looked at the ‘suggested pages’ and boy am I glad I did. Now must run, I have sooooooo much reading to do which incidentally is what happens when you find out about something 6 WHOLE months after it began!

    And PS you totes should be proud! From what I’ve read so far it’s ace. You are awesome Mrs S & don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. x


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