The Archive

In 2015, I set myself a challenge to write everyday.  I did this for a number of personal reasons – none of them even remotely close to documenting our travels around the country in a caravan! Nope, that was not ever on the radar!

I set the challenge initially to shift a very stubborn habit of writing briefing notes and corporate documentation – a habit forged over decades and which had robbed me of my ability to be creative and make words of fiction flow onto a page.  Harbouring a long-time desire to write a book, I had a million ideas jotted in notebooks and a dozen half-arsed manuscripts filed in obscure and random places.  I needed to remember to write freely again.

But blog content, like most things in life, is a spectrum, with posts situated somewhere on the continuum of brilliant and rubbish. You will find posts you love and that resonate deeply and posts that won’t even warrant a second thought. I don’t claim to deliver a literary masterpiece everyday, but I’m confident that you’ll find a charming combination of both here in this space.

So rather than apologise for the less than perfect posts that appear from time to time, I have decided to make it easier for you to read some of my favourite posts and those ones that have resonated with others.  I hope you enjoy.

JANUARY 2016: 01 January – It’s all for you

AUGUST 2015: 12 August – Why you crying, Mumma?  |  13 August – #NoMascaraThursday or the one where I had an epiphany

JULY 2015: 27 July – My tribe  |  24 July – Stirring the pot  |  22 July – This is not a sponsored post – #gotoskincare  |

JUNE 2015: 27 June – Australia, you’re next #lovewins  |  11 June – The one where the nits came back

MAY 2015: 28 May – It’s time for Marriage Equality Australia  |  21 May – This morning I cried  |  9 May – My glorious tribute  |  6 May – An abundance of energy

APRIL 2015: 28 April – I can’t be a hard-arse #IStandForMercy  |  25 April – It’s my responsibility to teach my children respect – Lest we forget  |  13 April – Part of something bigger @workingmumsunite

MARCH 2015: 28 March – Me and my Mummy BFF  |  16 March – I call bullshit  |  13 March – I am a writer… right?  |  3 March – Admit One: Griefworld

FEBRUARY 2015: 25 February – #tealribbonday #ovariancancer #fuckcancer  |  24 February – Just another Mummy Blogger

JANUARY 2015: 20 January – The gap between intent and action  |  15 January – Passionately curious  |  9 January – Tin foil hats (or my journey towards mindfulness)  |  1 January – Fearless in 2015


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