Just like Thelma and Louise… or not

You know, my lovely gal pal Mrs Fitz and I have been joking about our upcoming Thelma and Louise experience To Western Australia all week, but as I was preparing for the trip, the realisation of how those two sassy broads ended up has hit me in the face like a sledgehammer.  Nooooo! Whilst I am so looking forward to the next 4 days, I do not want it to end clutching hands and flying over the edge of a cliff.

So let’s push that into the deep, dark depths of my mind and take it from the beginning shall we? Today we jumped in the car and drove 450km to Adelaide.  The start of our trek across the country (and also of the non-stop talkfest that spanned the whole day!)

We made our flight with plenty of time despite a little detour thanks to a very tired (having only had 4 hours of sleep) navigator, (ahem, that’d be me) missing the entry to the freeway.

One gin and tonic in on the flight and I was starting to fade rapidly. The plane was so hot and I was so sleepy. She we did the only thing we could do and  thought it best to continue as we began by ordering another round!


Arriving in Perth to a balmy 19 degrees was a pleasant surprise and whilst waiting for luggage, a phone call home revealed that I’d inadvertently caused an incident by locking my sis-in-law out of the house! H had gone to my house to swap cars so she could go pick up the girls from childcare. She got back to my house to find none of the keys would open the lock! Yep, that’d be because I’d taken the key off the key ring knowing she had her own set and not thinking she’d leave her keys inside when she swapped cars.  Oops! I guess you can call it parenting training for when she has her own kids as Miss A was getting her cranky pants on because it was time to be fed and put to bed! Thankfully she called Mrs Mone who came to their rescue! Crisis averted!

After hanging up we grabbed our bags and then commenced a 20 minute argy bargy with one of the car hire companies who tried to throw in an extra $100 of hidden costs to our hire fees despite an online booking which stated a different price. After giving them a mouthful and the flick, we figured out our Plan B before putting Mrs Fitz in the car and sending her off alone to navigate the freeways of Perth as she made her way to her brother, whilst I caught up with my lovely gal pal Ms Kate!

A fabulous dinner of spaghetti marinara at one of the most atmospheric and authentic Italian restaurants I’ve been to (reminded me of a restaurant in Rome) was next on the agenda finished off with the most amazing tiramisu ever! Like, ever ever!!   

We caught up on three years worth of life and headed to her apartment which is near the riverfront in South Perth. Stunning!

And now it’s time for bed! It’s 10.50pm here but 1.50am Victorian time so I am knackered. Off to bed and ready for more adventures as we head for Albany!
Have you ever been to Perth, WA? Or on a road trip with a fabulous girlfriend (hopefully not ending like Thelma and Louise)?


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