50 Strands of Grey

So I was putting my on my make up in the mirror last week when I was confronted by THIS:


That my friends, is six weeks worth of new fluffy regrowth at my temple.  GREY fluffy regrowth! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been plucking random greys since I was 14 years old so I’m never surprised to see a spray of greys glistening when running my hand through my luscious locks but never have I ever had as many as this sprout in the one place!!!

Whether it’s a post pregnancy/hormone related thing or just the natural ageing process arriving two decades too early I’m not sure, but one thing I do know is that my dark haired days are limited.  And it hasn’t gone unnoticed!  After pointing them out to a girlfriend over coffee this morning, she responded with, ‘uh yeah, I kinda saw that!’

And so it seems that sometime soon in my future I am going to be taking styling inspiration from two of the hottest, grey-bobbed chicks I know… because no one rocks grey chic like Prue and Trude right?

Source: Emmabellish
Source: Emmabellish.blogspot.com

But not today as luck would have it!  Conveniently, today was haircut day.  I love haircut day! The one little bit of time out that is all about me! Oops, did I say that out loud!!  Well, it’s completely true! I have friends who sit on both sides of this fence and either see a haircut as a luxury or a necessity.  But if you’ve ever struggled to find a good hairdresser, you would know that they are an absolute gift and upon a pedestal they must sit.  So every six weeks, I go to worship at the altar of Nikki.  She tends to my flowing tresses, massages my stress away and most importantly, she deals with the grey invasion that has steadily been encroaching my scalp over the past few years.

Even she noticed the prominence of these two white patches of fluff against my temples this afternoon!  And so with the conundrum laid bare, we strategised until we came up with the plan of attack which I had already anticipated – I would have to begin to lighten my hair to make the stark contrast of the grey hairs a little less noticeable.

See, my hair is naturally dark and I usually have a block colour all over in a colour which is not that far from black to match my natural (non-grey!) hair.  This is both a convenience thing because it’s so quick and easy (well, actually not so quick given how incredibly thick, coarse and porous my hair is), but the darker colour is also what I’ve preferred over the past few years.  After decades of trying out a range of different colours and techniques, as well as spending upwards of $400 every 6-8 weeks on my hair when I lived in Melbourne, I liked the simplicity of my chosen colour.  But now, with the tell tale signs of ageing declaring all out war against the darkness it’s time to turn towards the light.


So hello foils… welcome back!  It’s been about 7 years but you know what, I didn’t mind the end result.  It’s probably going to be a bit hit and miss over the next 12 months as we try to get it to a stage that looks good for me.  After sooooo long being a block dark colour, I’m not really sure what my look these days is.  I do know that I’m not a fan of the coppery colour that blonde seems to throw in my hair when I have foils so I suspect there are going to be some minor disasters along the way.  But that’s ok, I’ve been every colour of the rainbow over the years and I’m excited about mixing it up a bit – kinda goes hand in hand with my Fearless in 2015 approach!

So, what do you think??

Before & After
Before & After

I need not worry though… if things turn completely to shit, perhaps I could just channel my inner P!nk, Gaga or Kelly Osborne and join the growing ranks of Granny Chic celebrities… now there’s a thought!

grey haired celebrity

Do you love your hairdresser? Any greys advancing their way across your scalp?


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