My day in numbers

2 – hours of sleep that I had last night

1 – daughter, aged two and a half who thought she’d come into bed with me one hour after going to bed

4 – cups of coffee I have consumed today

7 – people I fed today on our first ‘Slow Cooker Thursday’ at work today

22 – degrees and beautiful sunshine when I had dressed for 16 and rainy weather #hothothot

3 – incredulous emails I sent to fellow Revenge fans to tell them the news that Revenge was finishing FOREVER!!!!

14 – times the word No!!!! featured in the responses

6 – meetings that I had to concentrate on keeping my eyes open for

1 – date made with my Mummy BFF to do stair runs in the morning

5 – eggs cooked because that’s about as good as it was gonna get for dinner

47 – minutes before Miss B went to sleep after being put to bed

39 – minutes of episode 21 of Revenge that I was glued to after calling it a night and jumping into bed

10 – more minutes until I turn the light out, roll over and drift off to the land of nod

Can you believe there is not going to be any more Revenge??? Do you ever have eggs on toast for dinner after a long day?



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