The concept is simple: using a photo that you’ve taken as inspiration, construct two sentences that speak to the picture.

Here are some I prepared earlier:

#01  |  #02  |  #03  |  #04  |  #05  |  #06  |  #07  |  #08  |  #09  |  #10  |  #11  |  #12  |  #13  |  #14  |  #15  |  #16  |  #17  |  #18  |  #19  |  #20  |  #21  |  #22  |  #23  |  #24  |  #25  | #26  |  #27  |  #28  |  #29  |  #30  |  #31  |  #32  |  #33  |  #34  |  #35  |  #36  |  #37

Why Two Sentences Tuesday?

I was so excited to introduce this feature to my blog.  I take my inspiration from, and give full credit to Edward Roads over at mytwosentences.

If you haven’t come across his blog before now, I’d highly encourage you to check it out.  It is brilliant.  It is simplicity at its best.

The premise of Edward’s blog is to combine his love of photography and his observations of his local surroundings. Each week, Edward posts a photograph that he has taken somewhere around his home of Salem in the US.  He then constructs two creative sentences that speak to the picture.  It’s fabulous.

I love the idea and ever since I started following him there has been a number of times where I wish I could be as creative!  And then I thought, well, why can’t I be and voila, #twosentencesTuesday was created!

I hate seeing concepts stolen without acknowledgement so of course I contacted Edward and asked if he would mind if I created #twosentencesTuesday on my blog where I could have a go of taking a photo each week (because we all know I could definitely use the improvement there!) and combine it with some creative writing!

And so, in the interests of living fearlessly in 2015 and just doing it anyway, I figured it was a challenging yet time efficient way to activate that creative writing muscle! (And let’s be honest, wherever I can save myself some time to ensure I can still deliver a decent post then I’m going to go there!!)

So, I hope you enjoy #twosentencesTuesday and feel free to give it a go for yourself!


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