TGIT! Yes, Thursday! Not quite the same ring as TGIF but for me, it's same same but different!  I work my full time hours over a  four day week so as far as I'm concerned it's the weekend!  And it can't come around quick enough. The house is now quiet but for the hum of …

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When worlds shatter

I always knew that despite my emotionally challenged ways, I could at least muster up some empathy for families with sick children.  Thankfully, this became apparent after meeting my hubby as one of his best mates had a child who had spent a significant amount of time at the Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital as a baby and still …

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I haven't dedicated a lot of quality time to this space given recent events of late, so I certainly haven't been anticipating any interest or evidence that people have been checking in and discovering my li'l ol' blog.  And I definitely didn't consider that perhaps social media would somehow boost my blog out in Internet-land and suggest …

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