Our Caravan

Our Caravan
Champagne SuperNova

If we were financially smart and savvy people, we probably should have found a second-hand caravan to keep our costs low but sadly for us, we’re not.  What we are however is ballsy, and once the decision was made that our caravan was going to be an asset that we were planning to keep for the long term we decided to go all out and invest in a new one.  Our journey to caravan ownership has been one that has been surprisingly difficult.  It’s a big commitment to purchase a brand new caravan!  We previously had a camper trailer that we loved, but couldn’t even contemplate doing a lap in that (well, Corey could, but it was not for me with two little kids), so our beloved camper trailer has made way for our new home on wheels.

After a copious amount of research and a false start, we finally settled on a Nova Family Escape.  We’d seen one of these earlier in our investigations but thought it was way out of our reach but thanks to Mrs Benno and her ridiculous negotiating talents, it turned out that a Nova caravan was a possibility and so here we are!

I have no doubt that there are people out there having a fabulous time travelling in their tent, trailer or older style caravan and in many ways I wish we’d decided to go down that path too, but we all make decisions based on what is right for our families, and this was the best decision for us.

Our new digs includes a queen sized bed, two bunks, an ensuite bathroom and an L-shaped dinette and galley kitchen.  It comes with solar, batteries and grey water to ensure we are completely self sufficient plus it also has a host of extras that the hubby deemed essential such as a toolbox and upgraded 16 inch Primal Wheels. Hmmm… although I do admit that they do make our new home look tough and ready for adventure despite the fact that the smaller space will no doubt take some getting used to!

Side profile van shot