Our summary of Tassie – Wk 3

Last one, I promise! This is the final post about our three week trip to Tasmania! Port Arthur New Year’s Day! After a relatively quiet night, and despite the grey and overcast day, we decided to head out to Port Arthur. Port Arthur was intriguing and one day I’ll read about the history a little … Continue reading Our summary of Tassie – Wk 3

Our summary of Tassie – Wk 2

They get shorter, I promise you!!! Base at New Norfolk So, in my last post, you would have seen us just finish up our Christmas sojourn to Strahan (and the comfort of a hotel room!). But of course, when on a trip like ours, it was time to get moving again. We left Strahan thinking … Continue reading Our summary of Tassie – Wk 2

Our summary of Tassie – Wk 1

So I’m sitting here at Lake Bonney, near Barmera in South Australia, lamenting the fact that I’ve left writing about our three weeks in Tasmania all in one go. Note to self: When you leave writing three weeks worth of posts until the end of a trip instead of posting them during that time (even … Continue reading Our summary of Tassie – Wk 1

Surprise! We’re home… for a short visit anyway

The idea for making a quick dash home to surprise the in-laws had been fermenting for some time. Given that we still needed to pick up our tent and camping gear at some stage in preparation for our trip to Tasmania (or arrange for a friend to bring it to Melbourne, which was the original … Continue reading Surprise! We’re home… for a short visit anyway

Beautiful Blue Mountains

When I was a little girl (in grade five to be specific), I did a project on the crossing of the Blue Mountains. I remember getting my big piece of poster board and cutting and gluing pictures of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth onto the card, and writing up a description of their expedition and drawing … Continue reading Beautiful Blue Mountains

Kids and the Hunter Valley don’t mix

The Hunter Valley has been on my bucket list for many years and I had come close to ticking it off a couple of years ago when we were at Umina Beach on the NSW Central Coast for our annual November holiday with our crew (we are four families made up of some cousins and friends … Continue reading Kids and the Hunter Valley don’t mix

A few nights at Mungo Brush

Mungo Brush was a random selection that was made after Corey had read a good review somewhere about it. On the drive over towards the coast from Gloucester we decided we should check it out. It's one of the first National Park campgrounds that we have had to book and reserve a site. After stocking up on some groceries, … Continue reading A few nights at Mungo Brush

Atop the Barrington Tops

Once more, we’ve traded the ocean for the mountains and left South West Rocks bound for the Barrington Tops. I didn’t really know what to expect from this area as I honestly had never heard of the Barrington Tops before. Access to the 'Tops' is through Gloucester (I can never pronounce this town properly – apparently … Continue reading Atop the Barrington Tops

Intrigue at South West Rocks

Our time at South West Rocks was steeped in history and stunning in its surrounds. Normally we don't book anywhere and just wing it, but we had noticed that the closer to the coast we are, the harder it is to get in where we want. Sure enough, we left making any booking too late and … Continue reading Intrigue at South West Rocks