Moral of the story

So, this happened today: A message from my Cousin-in-law - another Mrs Benno would you believe! So the moral of this story is that if you don't want people to know that you have a blog, then you shouldn't discuss said blog in public facebook comments because you never know who will see it. In all honesty, I …

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Stalkery stalkers

So the past few days has been dedicated to stalking, and as it turns out yesterday, of being stalked. If any of you follow Fat Mum Slim's Blog (and if you don't, you really really should!), you might be aware that every year Chantelle coordinates the FMS Christmas Gift Exchange.  Chantelle created this little project to spread the …

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I haven't dedicated a lot of quality time to this space given recent events of late, so I certainly haven't been anticipating any interest or evidence that people have been checking in and discovering my li'l ol' blog.  And I definitely didn't consider that perhaps social media would somehow boost my blog out in Internet-land and suggest …

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