About us

Many of us spend our lives defining our successes by the amount of stuff we own. We work ridiculous hours, put our children in childcare and barely see our partners, just so that we can pay for the big house (that never seems to stay clean), multiple cars in the garage not to mention the myriad of toys, gadgets and experiences that we never have the time to enjoy or be present for.

We were no different.  And after a challenging year for both of us in our respective workplaces, we decided to do something about it and made the decision start creating a life that feels good on the inside, not that just looks good on the outside.

And now adventure awaits – we’re swapping the house, cars and toys for a 22ft caravan and 24/7 family time as we cut a zig zag route across Australia.  Some people think we’re crazy (highly probable!) and others wish they were coming too (just do it!), but either way we hope to share it all with you.

We are Corey, Nardia, Billie & Asher and welcome to A Life Like Ours…





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