Moral of the story

So, this happened today: A message from my Cousin-in-law - another Mrs Benno would you believe! So the moral of this story is that if you don't want people to know that you have a blog, then you shouldn't discuss said blog in public facebook comments because you never know who will see it. In all honesty, I …

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Two Sentences Tuesday #17

She never noticed it when she arrived home, too weary to focus and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to embrace her people after four days away. As she caught a glance from the corner of one eye the following evening, she was chuffed that her husband had been so thoughtful, unaware that it was in fact her fabulous sister-in-law who had …

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I haven't dedicated a lot of quality time to this space given recent events of late, so I certainly haven't been anticipating any interest or evidence that people have been checking in and discovering my li'l ol' blog.  And I definitely didn't consider that perhaps social media would somehow boost my blog out in Internet-land and suggest …

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