Catching up in Perth

We’ve said a couple of times how meeting people has been one of the best aspects of our trip so far. We’ve been lucky to meet some fabulous people so far, some of which we know we will keep in touch with long after our trip has finished. Bill and Belinda and their family are …

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Gold sparkles in Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie was the stop that we were prepared to take or leave when we were in the planning phase of our trip. If we made it there, all well and good but if it didn’t happen, then that was ok too. On our trip across the  Nullarbor we realised that we hadn't made plans for Easter …

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Our summary of Tassie – Wk 2

They get shorter, I promise you!!! Base at New Norfolk So, in my last post, you would have seen us just finish up our Christmas sojourn to Strahan (and the comfort of a hotel room!). But of course, when on a trip like ours, it was time to get moving again. We left Strahan thinking …

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Where the heck is Porepunkah?

I had a conversation with a close friend of mine from home.  They'd been having a fabulous night out and had called to tell me they missed me.  But they could not get their head around where we were when I told them. In fact, the conversation kinda went something like this: Them: "Where are …

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Illaroo – Funny name, stunning camp

As we headed South, we weren’t really sure where we were going to go, but we finally decided upon the Illaroo Campground which is in the Yuraygir National Park. Situated about 1km from Minnie Water (a small coastal village which consists of a general store and a Surf Livesaving clubhouse), Illaroo is one of the …

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Silent Sunday – 10 January


Happy Christmas Eve!

Am sitting here alone in my office as all of my colleagues are on annual leave.  The aircon died about 3 days ago so I have all the other units in our space on full blast to try and cool my area down! I've ticked off a few things this morning and am getting ready to …

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The Gift Exchange

I received my gift today! Remember when I told you I was part of a gift exchange?  Well today, the person who has been stalking me sent her gift and it's arrived! Now to wait until Christmas to open it! Or not... sorry, I read the back page of a book before I start it... …

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In illness we bond

Just in case the picture from my Silent Sunday post yesterday was a bit too cryptic, today was spent recovering from a particularly nasty little tummy bug.  Thankfully it was only a quick 24 hour kind of thing but like they normally do, they pack a punch! I spent pretty much most of Sunday camped out …

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No sleep Thursday

If you're in Australia you might have seen on the news the story of the South Australian bush fires ravaging the Barossa Valley yesterday.  Fires on that scale are always devastating and just plain scary, even if you are not personally affected by them.  Yesterday, the hubby was stuck in the area where the fires …

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