A drop in the Lake… Argyle

Of all the places we were really looking forward to about Western Australia, Lake Argyle was right at the top of the list.  And it didn’t disappoint. We stayed at the caravan park, situated at the edge of Western Australia's largest, and Australia’s second largest man made lake.  Back in the 60’s, the idea was …

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Yes, El Questro was worth it

Spending some time at El Questro had been on the bucket list for some time and although we had seen many reviews where people had claimed it to be too expensive or over rated, we are glad that we spend some time there. Is it more commercialised than it would have been 10, 15 or …

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The magic of Purnululu

So given we’d decided that we weren’t going to tackle the Gibb River Road, all that was left for us to do was to backtrack our way back into Derby.  We stopped into the Mowanjum indigenous centre as we had wanted to find a piece of artwork as a memento of our trip.  We loved …

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Adventures on the Gibb River Road

As we said goodbye to the laidback oasis that was Broome and headed for the remoteness of the Kimberley, we were still undecided about whether or not to tackle the Gibb River Road.  A big part of us wanted to throw caution to the wind and just commit to it, whilst the more conservative part …

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Bumming around in Broome

By the time we left Karijini we were definitely hankering for a shower and as we made our way towards Broome, we decided to stop for the night at Indee Station. Indee Station was similar to many of the other Station Stays we’ve stopped at with demountable buildings and the obvious hallmarks of a working …

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Karijini Magic

I’m thankful to report that my fears of being disappointed as per my last post were unfounded and the hype surrounding the Pilbara and Karijini is most definitely deserved. Settle in with a cuppa and I'll let the pictures do most of the talking... Although my overall impression of the Pilbara was that it was …

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Colours of the Pilbara

As we headed North-East from Exmouth, we entered the region that we’ve been looking forward to the most on this trip… The Pilbara. I have to admit, I felt some trepidation as we made our way towards Tom Price and the Karijini National Park. After all, years of watching countless 4WD and camping TV shows …

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We heart Ningaloo

There are only a handful of places that I have loved so much I felt sad when we drove away and Osprey Bay campsite in the Cape Range National Park just out of Exmouth is one of them. We lucked out with great weather, and despite a couple of windy moments, had picture perfect views …

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Family time at Carnarvon

I’d been looking forward to getting to Carnarvon for a while, not because of a particular tourist attraction or point of interest, but because we were dropping in to see my cousin whom I hadn’t seen in close to 20 years. After we’d spent our time out at Quobba (and the Carnarvon Hospital), we spent …

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Quobba: Funny name, awesome place

We’ve noticed that Station stays are quite a common accommodation option as we keep heading North, something that I noticed and admired when we stayed at Willow Springs in the Flinders Ranges. In this day and age, diversification for farmers is essential to keep their farms viable, and so in addition to farming sheep, goats …

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