No sleep Thursday

If you’re in Australia you might have seen on the news the story of the South Australian bush fires ravaging the Barossa Valley yesterday.  Fires on that scale are always devastating and just plain scary, even if you are not personally affected by them.  Yesterday, the hubby was stuck in the area where the fires were, blocked in by road blocks and unable to see more than a few hundred meters ahead.  This was the pic he took as he was coming into Nuriootpa before he had to stop, liaise with his depot and figure out where to from there.


After waiting a few hours there he caught up with a colleague from his company and they found a safer spot in a parking bay on the side of the road.  Well, until they learnt of another fire behind them so they then had to backtrack back to Nuriootpa to wait it out until the roads opened up in the early hours of the next morning.

I’m not a nervous truckies wife, but I barely slept last night, checking my phone to see if he’d sent an update. It was bloody scary and even my hubby, who isn’t fazed by much, admitted he was a bit scared at one point, especially as ash rained down on his cab.  Thankfully, he got to Adelaide unloaded his truck and had a bit of a rest and is now home safe and sound.  Between the two of us, we are absolutely knackered!

A big shout-out to those firies and police officers who are out on the front line trying to get a hold of this 41km front of fire. You all do an amazing job and I’m sending out lots of safety vibes so that you all remain safe for your families and loved ones.

Are you following the bush fire news in South Australia? Have you ever been caught up in a bush fire?  


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