Great company

How many times have you run into someone that you really like and get on with well and promise that you'll make a lunch date or a time for a coffee so that you can catch up?  Not just because social convention makes us offer up these false promises, but because you would really like …

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It’s time for Marriage Equality Australia

Off the back of an historic referendum result, it was announced this week that gay marriage will be legalised in Ireland.  Yay Ireland! This fabulous result has sparked up the debate again across Australia (finally!) with commentary from all sides of government in the past 24hrs following the Leader of the Opposition's decision to introduce a private members bill …

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Two Sentences Tuesday #01

Whilst she enjoyed the fact that her suburban orchard produced delicious fruits in abundance, the reality was she took no care, nor had the inclination to nurture and maintain the source from where the fruits came. After all, if one small tree could produce over 34 shopping bags full of lemons, it would be safe …

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