I suspect I’m in for a long night tonight as Miss A is dealing with the early symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth. 

Tired, clingy, with a mild fever and increasingly covered in spots, my usual happy, cruisey bubba is struggling. And whilst it’s hard to watch, it makes me realise how lucky I am to have two of the cruisiest kids on the planet. Prior to today I would have counted on both hands the number of times she’s cried since she was born 11 months ago. Yes, she’s that cruisey!

So I’m relishing this comforting role as it’s not one that I’ve had to do much of since becoming a mum. And I’m grateful for that as I know many mums who haven’t been as lucky! Finger crossed its a relatively mild bout and she recovers soon! 

How is your Saturday night treating you? Are you comforting sick bubbas this evening?


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