Date night

When Mrs Mone reminded me earlier in the week that her birthday gift to me still hadn’t been redeemed, I decided that this Friday would be the night. You see, Mrs Mone had bought me a voucher to our local Thai restaurant and the promise of babysitting duties. 

Bring on date night! The hubby arrived home at 6pm and showered whilst I finished feeding and bathing the girls. Mrs Mone arrived at 6.45 and so I rushed to get dressed in my black jeans, a monochrome kimono jacket and red heels and get out the door in time for out 7.15pm reservation.

And so there we were, our first date night since Miss A was born – 11 months ago!!! We talked about work, friends, life, the future… And then we started to yawn. Simultaneously. At 8.45. We finished up our meal, paid on the way out and stopped by the gelato bar because you know, GELATO!!! 

And so he we are watching the Wolf of Wall Street, barely able to keep awake. Happy Friday everyone!

Have you had a great week this week? Is tonight your date night too?


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