Just hanging with my girls

Friday is the best day of the week! After what is always a busy week working my full time hours from Monday to Thursday, I love Fridays for a whole range of reasons.  A little bit of a sleep in is a great start (well, getting up at 6.30 as opposed to 5.30am), getting on top of household chores keeps life under control and fitting in playdates, well that just gives me the chance for a coffee and a catch up under the guise of giving Miss B the chance to catch up with her friends.  So you can see, there’s a lot to love! 11354815_10154074912836808_1961569384_n

But tonight Miss B and I started what I hope will grow into a permanent thing.  She’s figured out how to put in and play DVDs on her own over the past month and her favourite DVD is the Wizard of Oz.  She plays it over and over and over.  Tonight she asked if we could watch it together so I decided to make a movie night out of it.  After Miss A headed to bed, we had a bowl of ice-cream and then headed into the lounge room to watch it.





And now she’s asleep! Happy Friday everyone!


What is your favourite old movie? Do you snuggle up on the couch with your kids to watch them?  



One thought on “Just hanging with my girls

  1. I love The Jungle Book! We used to do Cinema Sunday’s, where they were all showered early, and we got the popcorn ready, and watched a family movie together… Was so nice! Now, they can’t agree on films!!!


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