Great company

How many times have you run into someone that you really like and get on with well and promise that you’ll make a lunch date or a time for a coffee so that you can catch up?  Not just because social convention makes us offer up these false promises, but because you would really like to hang out and spend some time to see how that person is going.  I know I’ve been guilty of promising to arrange a catch up and letting it slide. It’s so easy to let time go by and not follow up on those promises made!

A friend of mine and I have been playing this game for over three years! We met over five years ago through work and genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  With both of us moving roles, we still ended up working together on a number of projects, so we never seemed to make the time for a social catch up simply because we would see each other during the working week.  Just over 12 months ago, she moved to a new job and I of course went on maternity leave so it had been some time since we’d even seen each other!

Until about a month ago when we ran into each other in the street and again, lamented that it’d been ages since we’d seen each other and that we ‘really should arrange a catch up’.  Well, she did! We checked calendars, and made sure our hubby’s were available and locked in a time – tonight at 6pm.  We headed off with two girls in tow, and were lucky that her two teenage children played babysitter and did a spectacular job!  We were able to catch up over a few wines and the most fabulous roast beef.  Thankfully our girls are so laid back that they didn’t mind the 10.30pm departure time (although Miss A crashed as soon as she got into the car and Miss B wasn’t too far behind).

It was just so nice to slow down and make the time to enjoy each other’s company.

Do you find you never seem to catch up with people despite good intentions? Did you get to catch up with any good friends this weekend?



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