Glorious sunshine

We’re very lucky to have pretty stunning weather most of the year.  There’s no question it can get hot in the Summertime, but that’s just how I like it.  This weekend sees what will probably be the last of the warmth as we head into winter and today was a stunning start with a top of 22 degrees.

With Miss B staying with her Nan and Pop, we managed to get a sleep in until 7.30am.  The hubby and I got to spend a little bit of one-on-one time with Miss A who is growing so quickly it’s ridiculous.  We headed off to swimming lessons and then to the farmer’s market for an awesome breakfast.  We were happy just to be, in the sunshine, for just a little while before we headed off to potter about the house for the rest of the day.

You may remember that I don’t do cold, so I’m not looking forward to these coming months at all.  Tomorrow is shaping up to be another glorious day of 23 degrees, with Monday pulling out 25 degrees before it starts to cool down again!

With the hubby heading off to work early tomorrow morning, Miss A and I might spend the morning outside before Miss B arrives home and we gear up for another busy week!

Is the sun shining where you are? How are you spending your weekend?


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