The day after Christmas

Low key... just how it should be!  What did you get up to on Boxing Day? Was your day lazy too or filled with visits and catching up with friends and family?

Happy Christmas Eve!

Am sitting here alone in my office as all of my colleagues are on annual leave.  The aircon died about 3 days ago so I have all the other units in our space on full blast to try and cool my area down! I've ticked off a few things this morning and am getting ready to …

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The silly season is the best season

The weekends in the lead up to Christmas are mad, let's face it, but sometimes a manic day can end brilliantly and that was the case today. We had to fit in swimming lessons, a brunch with friends as well as shopping for the hubby's work Christmas party (given he was the one coordinating it). …

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Christmas shopping, here we come!

Until today, I had bought two presents and ordered two online.  And they were both for the girls.  So with two weeks til Christmas I knew I had to get my act together and hit the shops.   Unfortunately, the only opportunity I had to do this was a Friday which meant taking the girls with …

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Stop the clock!

As I was posting yesterday's Two Sentences Tuesday I realised that I had just posted my 30th one since introducing the concept.  That's 30 weeks ago!  Over half a year ago! Where on earth has this year gone and can someone please stop time from passing by so quickly??? Someone said to me today that it was …

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