Last minute rushing around

One more working day to go!  But I think I’m under control!  I spent today rushing around loading up the car with things to take down to the venue for New Year’s Eve.  This makes life a lot easier for me on the day and saves me doing it all in the predicted 40 degree heat (I was so hoping for a mild temp this year!).

Tomorrow I’ll finish off some emails, and clean my desk for next year.  And I need to find a home for these stunning flowers which were given to me and a colleague on Monday from the Hawks Supporters Club to say thank you for our work on the weekend.

We’re heading off camping over Christmas so it seems a shame to have to leave them to die or throw them out whilst they’re still so lovely.


I even managed to sort out groceries this evening so hopefully I’ve not forgotten anything!

Have you got everything under control for Christmas? Do you work right up until the last minute too? 



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