Christmas shopping, here we come!

Until today, I had bought two presents and ordered two online.  And they were both for the girls.  So with two weeks til Christmas I knew I had to get my act together and hit the shops.  11211

Unfortunately, the only opportunity I had to do this was a Friday which meant taking the girls with me.  They’re pretty awesome kids so it wasn’t too much of a challenge.  They put in a mammoth 5 hour effort and it was only at the end that Miss A was tired and grumpy and putting up a bit of a protest.

After a nap, we then got ready for the girls’ Christmas party at child care!  I had spent the night before prepping gifts for their educators and a plate of treats for all the staff.  They are an amazing group of women who care for our girls each day.  What amazes me is that it’s not just their official educators that show them a huge amount of love week in and week out, but all the staff know all the children throughout the centre – the beauty of sending them to a smaller sized centre.


Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Do you prepare presents for your children’s teachers or carers?


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