The silly season is the best season

The weekends in the lead up to Christmas are mad, let’s face it, but sometimes a manic day can end brilliantly and that was the case today.

We had to fit in swimming lessons, a brunch with friends as well as shopping for the hubby’s work Christmas party (given he was the one coordinating it).  Not to mention a nap for the girls somewhere in the middle of it all!  Then comes the pulling together of ALL. THE. STUFF. involved for an afternoon down by the river.  Man, there is some stuff!

But we managed it and by 3.30pm we had hit the ‘beach’ down by the river.  It was perfect weather and even the temperature of the river was warm enough for this little black duck, who won’t normally get in unless it’s like bath water!  But in I went as I tried out my new stand up paddle board.  It was a lot easier and I was a lot more stable than previous attempts and was doing quite well until one of the guys grabbed the jetski and did some circle work around my board and nudged the top of it with the jetski as they went past!  And in I went!  But it was fun.  Miss B had a go on my board but wouldn’t let me try and stand (can’t say I blamed her!).  Miss A had a go with the hubby (she wasn’t actually swimming due to her bronchiolitis).112312



One of the boys bought a ski boat as well as the jetski which went down a treat.111411

We cooked up a BBQ and generally just enjoyed an awesome day down by the river.  And by the time we ate, drank and were merry, it was around 9.30pm and time to head home for bed!  Perfect start to the weekend!

Is your diary filled with Christmas parties this season? What has been your favourite so far?


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