This is not a sponsored post – #gotoskincare

I know it’s hard to believe, but I don’t actually get paid to write any of the literary masterpieces that I deliver to the interwebs each and every day. Amazing right? So with that being said, it shouldn’t actually contravene my non-existent pay-for-comment / sponsored post policy when I write the following pitch about a new product that is rocking my world at the moment.

I’m pretty shitty at introducing people/things/myself so forgive me if it’s rough, but please meet my newest favourite thing in skin care – Go-To Skin Care by Zoe Foster Blake! *applause*


Ok, so I can picture the collective eye-roll already – skin care schmin care (?) you are thinking, am I right? But stick with me for a little bit… please.  Although, it might surprise you to know that I’m not actually a beauty blogger (or if you’ve been reading a while, no, it probably won’t) but I have no credentials in this area whatsoever – well, other than the fact that I actually have skin.  But what I do have credentials in is marketing. And PR. And I can assure you that the PR machine on this product is working! As evidenced by the four products I now have in my hot little hands after I unwrapped the beautiful packaging yesterday afternoon:


I love a beautifully wrapped package. I think the time and the effort put into this first impression makes a huge difference. At the end of the day it’s all about point of difference so if you can make a brand cut through the chatter by setting it apart from all the rest, then you’re half way there and this brand has many points of difference.  Zoe Foster Blake, who created these product is, in my opinion, a master.  She is innovative, uses humour superbly but keeps it real so it resonates with every day (non-beauty editor/blogger/stylish fashionista) people like me! So let me show you what it was that got me hooked:

Quirk-factor – The names of the four products I bought are Face Hero, Properly Clean, Very Useful Face Cream and Exfoliating Swipeys. There is also another two products called Exceptionoil and Lips! I love me a bit of quirk. Quite simply it made me laugh. But the quirk factor for me comes down to the whole offering.  From the product, the packaging, instructions and the website – ahhh, the website. The website is just taking it to another level!! But I digress. My point is, it’s a very cohesive, consistent brand with a unique and quirky voice.

Irreverent humour – Skin care is big business and if every second full-page ad in Marie Claire and Cosmo is to be believed it is very serious business. Pffft! I just want something that doesn’t make me look old (ish) before my time! My mum was a Nutrimetics consultant back in the 80’s so I know just how important taking care of my skin is.  I know, because when you’re the crash test dummy practice model (as a 6 year old), being put through the Nutrimetics demonstration, these important life lessons resonate FOREVER!!! But, despite my clearly profound knowledge, I’ve never had any of my previous face creams or exfoliating scrubs tell me what they won’t do before. Go-To Very Useful Face Cream will not make me spaghetti for dinner and the Exfoliating Swipeys will not ever be a contestant on big brother. Sadly the Properly Clean cleanser can’t teach me how to tap-dance and the Face Hero face oil can’t tell any good jokes over dinner. Who knew?

Cheeky instructions – practical instructions with a cheeky twist – remember, your face stops at your boobs people!

I’m going to fess up to being a bit of a fan girl of Zoe for a while now.  And especially since she had a bubba with enormous chubby cheeks recently as well, (much like Miss A), I’ve felt a kindred connection… or something that’s a little less stalkery sounding. I’ve been a fan since well before she launched this product.  And since then, coupled with the reviews (and repeated visits to the website, just because it’s funny, have I told you it’s funny? Especially the pop up messages that come up on the home page (see bottom right of pic below)), I have been wanting to try Go-To for ages!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.17.16 pm

Or these:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.16.16 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.16.29 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.16.44 pm Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.16.52 pm

And then, after a particularly shitty day at work… I just bought them!  Yes, I was one of the 12 people reading that day who shouldn’t be spending money on skin care but JUST COULDN’T HELP IT!  And unwrapping the box and reading the instructions on each when they arrived made it worth every single cent!


But the best bit of all is that these products are just beautiful.  They are all natural with no chemicals (see third pic above – with the list of products that are NOT BLOODY LIKELY to be included in this product!).  Yep that’s right… no petrochemicals, or parabens or sulphates.  Just natural and aromatic goodness in a bottle which smells divine and is good for your skin.

So I guess it’s time now to channel my inner #BBlogger (coz, that’s how Beauty Bloggers roll – I think) and do some kind of review. So here’s my thoughts on what I bought:

Properly Clean cleansing mousse, coz unless it’s a pump pack that can go in the shower, I ain’t interested.  This one smells amazing which I can only assume is the willow bark.  But I’ve never actually smelled willow bark so I have no idea. It did what mousse does so I was happy… and I smelled nice.

Exfoliating swipeys are little cotton face wipes which have been soaking in a concoction of something citrus-y (technical term uh huh) which you use three times a week to smooth out the skin – so really, it’s an at home micro-sandblasting treatment.  I’ve tried another brand of exfoliating wipe type product recently – again, an all natural, citrus-y based product, but I actually like this one better and at $20 cheaper for a similar amount – well, bargain!

Face Hero is a hydrating face oil and I was a little bit hesitant in getting it but I have been hearing rave reviews so thought I’d give it a go. It’s a big mix of a heap of different oils and smells divine and felt really nice on my skin.  I was worried it might make my skin oily, but it soaked in well (I’m pretty sure that word would actually be absorbed if I was a proper beauty blogger… er sorry, #bblogger).

Very Useful Face Cream is what you put over the top of the whole lot.   It’s rich and creamy and smells delish. It didn’t feel too heavy and I’ve put it on before bed and under my make up.  I noticed my make up didn’t wear off as much today as it normally does so I wonder if it’s had an impact there. It was a bit hard to squeeze out at first, and then I realised I hadn’t taken the foil thingy off the opening. That’d kinda help, yeah?

So that’s pretty much my non-paid for, non-sponsored, I-just-love-a-good-product-and-will-happily-spruik-it-til-the-cows-come-home post about my newest favourite thing!  Go-To Skin Care – be sure to check them out.  I’d tell you to tell them I sent you, but they would have absolutely no freaking idea of who I am! So don’t do that…

And whilst writing this, I’ve just seen that my instagram pic from yesterday made it onto their website today – yay, I’m famous!

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.09.57 pm

Do you ever come across products that you just fall in love with and want to tell everyone about? Has this post made you check out the website? C’mon, you know it did!


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