Me and my Mummy BFF

The notion of a Mummy BFF has been getting some traction on the interwebs of late, but you know what, it’s a concept I love.  A few months ago I was tagged in a link to an article about the ‘Mummy BFF’ by my gorgeous friend Mrs Pett. Mrs Pett and I were actually work colleagues before we were friends but we just gel like two people who have known each other forever.  And since having kids, that bond has only strengthened.  To the point where we consider ourselves each other’s Mummy BFF.

So what exactly is a Mummy BFF?  Well, I scoured the internet for that bloody article but of course I couldn’t find it anywhere. But I did unearth this video by Kirin at Mummy Says where she talks about the 9 ways you know you have found your Mummy BFF (although I could only count 8!)

So how does my Mummy BFF stack up against the list?

She pours you a wine – tick

She never judges – tick

She helps clean sick and poo of your kids – tick

You have playdates in your pjs/daggy clothes- tick

It’s not a competition – tick

You can ignore your kids together whilst indulging in a coffee – tick

There’s no such thing as a quarantine anymore – tick

You love her – tick

All of those I would agree with and although our kids are still young, we’ve touched on all of this territory.  The one thing that is missing from this list though, that I think most Mummy BFFs would indulge in, is the occasional bitch or gripe about our darling other half.  I would definitely add to this list the understanding that is shared as we lament about our husband’s lack of support/consideration/thoughtfulness/priorities from time to time.  Don’t get me wrong, we both love our hubby’s dearly, but Mrs Pett and I are both pretty confident, head strong women who take a lot to get to breaking point and we’re not the kind of gals that give our hubby’s the heads up that we’re getting close.  We tend to keep on, keeping on pushing aside that irritation or shaking off the fact that an expectation we had wasn’t met.  But eventually, when we have had enough, we unleash the wrath of Hades on these poor unsuspecting men in our lives!  And sometimes you just need to debrief that!

So in the lead up to Easter, the hubby, the girls and I are heading off on a camping trip with the hubby’s cousins at a nearby town that has a fabulous caravan park by the river – we’ve been looking forward to it for ages since we booked it in last year!  Despite the fact that I have to come back for a 20min meeting at work midway through, hopefully I can rejuvenate and stockpile the energy for what is always a massive day for an event I manage on Good Friday. Then, after the Friday event, we will then head down to the river to do some bush camping with Mrs Pett and her fam, as well as some other great friends after making an impromptu decision last week to do a repeat of our Australia Day camping trip – same great people and hopefully another great camping memory.

So, I should probably get back to packing seeing as the hubby is actually away this weekend at a fishing competition and won’t be arriving home til late tomorrow arve.  The plan is that I have everything ready to throw into the ute, put the camper trailer on the back and then head off again!

But before I go, I’ll leave you with this I found this funny as heck perspective, by Mommy Maria who is still looking for her Mummy BFF!

Do you have a Mummy BFF? Doing any camping over Easter?


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