My tribe

Whether you play sport, are involved in boards or committees or connect with strangers online there is something pretty interesting about the organic way that a community somehow forms around you, providing the most unexpected of experiences and things that you actually didn’t know that you needed until you needed them.

In an attempt to realise some of my goals over the past few years, but in particular this year (you know, living fearlessly in 2015 and all that), I’ve connected with some online groups.  Partly because I live in regional Australia, meaning the opportunity for actual face-to-face group time is limited, but mainly because I’m chicken shit and prefer the anonymity of people that don’t care that I dare to call myself a writer.  Well, at least until they find me by accident on Instagram anyway.

I think the most surprising thing about this whole writing and blogging caper has been the unexpected generosity and accessibility of the people I’ve ‘met’ along the way.  There are some ridiculously talented peeps out there! And nice to boot.  People who have been incredible sources of knowledge and expertise, generous in sharing their experiences and learnings along the way.  They’s been supportive, encouraging and have been the most incredible sounding boards whenever I have questions of my own.

One particular group of newbie and established writers has been like coming home.  With this crew I really feel as though I have found my tribe.  They are motivating and inspiring and as a non-published writer, they provide me with the drive to chase down that elusive contract.  Hang on, scratch that, they provide me the drive to even finish writing one of many books-in-progress.  But notwithstanding the completion status of my WIP, they are some of the most generous women (and one man) and I love that we’re all on the same ride together.

In addition to my writing groups, I’m also involved in a couple of blogging groups which again, are made up of some pretty bloody talented people who are prepared to share their knowledge and experiences along the way.  I recently participated in a blog engagement thread which involves having to select eight blogs, read through four posts in each blog and leaving a comment on each.  It’s like speed dating on steroids in the sense that there is so much to learn about a small group of people. My mind is just boggling with thoughts and ideas as a result.  Plus, I get to add another heap of blogs to my to-be-read list!

It’s pretty amazing this age of technology and connectedness that we live in, don’t you think?

Do you ever marvel at the changes to the way that people can connect in this day and age? Have you ever stumbled across your tribe when you least expected it?



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