Ok, so my lingo has a lot left to be desired but you can’t fault my enthusiasm!  But I’m excited because these these arrived yesterday!111123

These are our new stand up paddle boards that we ordered a week or so ago. They have arrived!

We ordered them through http://www.thesurfboardwarehouse.com.au and can not fault the packaging – not a ding on them!  After much research and deliberation, we decided that we would invest in these boards as a way to get out and enjoy the river some more (especially as we can’t afford a ski boat).

These boards are at the lower end of the price range as far as SUPs go (but are by no means cheap!!). The Atlantis boards are what Mrs Benno has and they seemed really well made and hopefully will do the job.  The hubby ended up with a Waterborn Simplicity.


The hubby’s board is on the left. I can’t wait to get out on the river and give these guys a whirl!

Have you ever tried to stand up paddle board? What do you do as a family sport?


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