Christmas shopping, here we come!

Until today, I had bought two presents and ordered two online.  And they were both for the girls.  So with two weeks til Christmas I knew I had to get my act together and hit the shops.   Unfortunately, the only opportunity I had to do this was a Friday which meant taking the girls with …

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Two Sentences Tuesday #22

Upon returning to her desk after a morning of meetings, she noticed the two calls from her daughters' childcare centre in her missed calls log, mocking her in silent accusation and daring her to ignore the voicemail messages that accompanied them in favour of her workload instead. In preparation she gathered some files and sent herself some …

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The dreaded call

It's now been four weeks week since I returned to work from maternity leave and the thing that I've been dreading most has finally happened.  I knew it would, after all it's inevitable with small children, but I'd been hoping and wishing that it wouldn't. And today it did. Yep, I'm talking about the dreaded call from the childcare …

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