The cogs are turning

Ok, so where do I even start about today! Let’s start at the beginning and give a huge shout out to The Black Pudding in Echuca. Breakfast = AMAZING. I am a massive fan of an interesting breakfast and these guys nailed it.  The Muffin Melt with eggs was delish – so delish that I didn’t even think to take a picture and post it up to instagram – hashtag foodporn, hashtag breakfast, hashtag foodinspo or whatever.  Anyhoo, the food is amazing and when their slogan is ‘life is too short for boring food’ then you know you’re onto a good thing!

After breakfast we headed over to the Moama Bowling Club and found our table and a fabulous goodie bag containing a range of interesting freebies, including some bagged up fruit, natio hand cream, some colouring in pencils and postcards and this:


The program looked interesting:


There were a few speakers and a workshop before we heard Lisa speak.  Kylie Lewis of Of Kin was awesome as was Cynthia Mahoney’s workshop, which unfortunately was cut short.  And then it was Lisa’s turn.


She was great! But to be honest, it took me a while to marry my image of her from reading her book to the real-life version before us.  She was smaller than she appears in the book, tiny in fact and her voice was a lot higher and excitable than I was expecting.  But despite the incongruence, I took some really useful things away:

  1. As long as you have a really clear vision of where you are going, the delivery mechanism doesn’t matter
  2. We overcomplicate business, and life in general
  3. There are 72 lots of 20 minute blocks in a day.  Try to keep at least 6 of these for yourself.

Number 3!!! Game changer! Watch this space!

After Lisa’s talk, we fangirled a bit and got my book signed before heading over to the Junction restaurant which was beyond stunning in it’s decor.  I actually couldn’t get over the styling of this place – AMAZING!


We had our last workshop before a sneaky little wine and headed off back to the motel for a night of Maccas and The Bachelor.

All in all, a good day – a couple of speakers, including Lisa were awesome but was it worth the $135 ticket price, plus the fuel and accommodation costs for us to head over… hmm, not so sure.  But, it was nice to get away from the daily grind and it has certainly churned up some thoughts and got the cogs turning.  Now to follow through.

Are you inspired by hearing other people’s experiences and perspectives on life? Do you chunk down your day into blocks of time?

PS. Oh, and for the record – you might recall my ‘dark horse‘ for the Bachelor was Snezana… well, she won!


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