Playing catch up

So it’s Friday and it’s been a long day! In fact, it’s been a pretty long week! After a fairly early night last night, we got an early start which was great as we could head off, pick up the girls on the way through and still have the afternoon to enjoy some seriously good spring weather when we got back home.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get too much time out in the sunshine (although I did sneak in a lunch with some gal pals!) because I wanted to get a few things sorted to hold me in good stead for the weekend. Don’t you reckon that life has a way of getting away from you when you don’t tend to it for a few days?? Well, once we got back, I dropped the girls back into day care for a few hours and spent the afternoon catching up on life.

Grocery shopping, house tidying, dinner preparations and bill paying was pretty much the order of things this afternoon until I picked up the girls and enjoyed some time down on the floor, playing tea parties and a game of tickle monsters!

And then it was time for this:


Yep, I decided I’d been a good girl and so I rewarded myself.  I don’t normally drink alone, but the weather was so awesome and  as I’m flying solo this weekend,  (hubby is away on a 4wd trip this weekend) I figured if I subscribed to the concept of drinking with someone then I wouldn’t get a drink in at all this weekend.  So once I’d gotten the girls bathed, fed and to bed over the first glass, I then did this:


And now I’m typing away whilst watching Hawthorn give the Crows a bit of a touch up in the first half of the game. A pretty awesome end to the week methinks!

Have you had a great end to this week? What do you have planned for the weekend?


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