The cogs are turning

Ok, so where do I even start about today! Let's start at the beginning and give a huge shout out to The Black Pudding in Echuca. Breakfast = AMAZING. I am a massive fan of an interesting breakfast and these guys nailed it.  The Muffin Melt with eggs was delish - so delish that I didn't …

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Counting down the clock

With the attention span of a three year old, I have spent the day flitting from one task to another whilst watching the hours tick by with excruciating slowness. It's only Wednesday but in 2 hours I will be heading off on a few days annual leave and in particular heading off to a workshop in …

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Am I brave enough?

I feel as though this past week has been a series of signs and guideposts challenging me to think differently and consider all possibilities. But sometimes it is hard to see what's right in front of you. Whilst I have been able to identify that I'm at a crossroads; a junction of pathways to a plethora of opportunities …

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