Counting down the clock

With the attention span of a three year old, I have spent the day flitting from one task to another whilst watching the hours tick by with excruciating slowness. It’s only Wednesday but in 2 hours I will be heading off on a few days annual leave and in particular heading off to a workshop in Echuca, in Victoria.

A friend of mine and I have been planning this trip for a few months.  A chance to reenergise and become inspired by a speaker that we’re both excited to see.  This friend introduced me to Lisa Messenger (in a figurative sense!) earlier in the year after telling me about the The Collective magazine and in a gesture that still touches me, bought me Lisa’s book Daring & Disruptive which you may recall me talking about a few weeks ago.  And tomorrow we will be hearing from Lisa amongst other speakers in hope of embracing the theme of Imagining the Possibilities.

The bags are packed, the girls are organised for a sleep over at Nan and Pop’s house and we’ll be ready to roll very soon for a couple of hour road trip.  And quite honestly, I can’t wait!

How do you handle the anticipation of waiting when time seems to go so slowly? Are there any people that inspire you from afar that you’ve been able to go and see speak in real life?



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