My new addiction

Sorry, can’t talk, Season Three of the Bachelor is showing.  I was a big fan of Season One and still have some stalkery tendencies towards the love couple of the universe, Tim and Anna.  If I was the type to covet another’s life, theirs would be it.  But I love my life so I’ll have to settle for being Peeping Tom through the window of social media.

Season Two did nothing for me.  From the moment I saw Blake I had an off feeling about him.  Turns out my gut instincts were spot on.

But Season Three sees us meet the gorgeous Mr Sam Wood… And, well, let’s just say so far so good!  He seems lovely and he’s certainly looking like the leading man we’d expect.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.27.39 pm

But sometimes it’s not even the perve factor that makes this trashy reality TV show so compelling. It’s hands down the dynamic combination of the women vying for this poor man’s affection. Well, poor man is relative I guess, given he’s living the dream of most men around the country!  But to get back to my point – these stunningly beautiful, immaculately dressed, somewhat deluded and quite honestly courageous women are the best thing about this show.  Of course we all know that the opening episode of these kind of shows is like watching a proud peacock do his thing during mating season.  Not one bit of difference here. Everyone’s putting their best foot forward.  And Season Three has taken it up a level and has deviated from the glossy peacock parade slightly, mainly due to this delightful creature:

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 8.25.28 pm

Meet Sandra, she’s a 27 year old school teacher who is by her own admission loud and brash and out there. #understatementoftheyear

OMG is she out there.  Having only watched her for a grand total of about 20mins, I’m left feeling embarrassed, flabbergasted and astonished all rolled into one.  She has a very interesting sense of self and there have been moments where I’ve slunk into my chair and cringed on her behalf… I hope that it’s just editing but I fear that it is not.  Coz let’s face it, that’s the blueprint behind these shows and it wouldn’t be worth watching if it was filled with boring, lacklustre beauties.

And how the media loved it.  They picked up on Sandra straight away and had a field day! Check out these first reviews for yourself:

Fireworks right? But my favourite reviews of these kind of shows are always the awesome recaps by Jo Thornley and Rosie Waterland.  Man I wish I could write like that!  Jo does a mad recap where she delves into the delightful faux pas of Anal Glands chick. And Rosie’s, well, pretty much all of Rosie’s recap is just awesome!

Anyhoo, I had a void in my life since the season ending episode of Revenge so this season of The Bachelor will fill that spot quite nicely.

Oh and for the record, Heather, Sarah or Emily for the win.  Dark horse Snezana.

Are you a Bachelor fan and tuning in to Season Three? Or perhaps you’re #TeamTimandAnna and live vicariously through them like me?


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