Mid-week fail

I feel like all I ever do lately is gripe about how busy I am or how overwhelmed I'm feeling.  But that's life at the moment! Today was manic and aside from a couple of meetings it was heads down and bums up to get some shit done! So it was close to six before …

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It just keeps getting better

This evening, we started up the War of the bedtime resistant toddler again. You may recall me having written about it before about six months ago.  Miss B was in fine form tonight.  She's somehow developed the ability to scream at a pitch somewhere above Mariah Carey's highest octave but just below the silent level that only dogs can hear. She's …

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One… two… three… breathe

Tonight's post is bought to you by a determined two and a half year old and an equally determined (AKA stubborn) mother. Cue Mexican standoff! I'm not sure how many of you have kids, but if you've got kids over the age of 2 then I'm pretty sure you'll be picking up what I'm putting …

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