Mid-week fail

I feel like all I ever do lately is gripe about how busy I am or how overwhelmed I’m feeling.  But that’s life at the moment! Today was manic and aside from a couple of meetings it was heads down and bums up to get some shit done!

So it was close to six before I realised the time and hot-footed it down to my childcare centre to pick up the girls.  Miss A is normally wrecked at the end of the day but thankfully she was pretty good, relaxed and chilled out by the time we got home.  Miss B on the other hand woke up cranky and I could see the attitude before we even walked through the front door.  But being the outstanding mother that I am, I prepared a nutritious and well thought out dinner for them both before skipping bath time and putting them both to bed #motheroftheyear #not


If only it was that simple right? The following hour and a half resulted in tantrums, banshee screaming (both Miss B and I), attempts at bribery, threats, copious amounts of cajoling and finally in the end a game of stamina… ding ding ding I’m the winner – take that three year old!

Sadly, bedtimes are becoming tricky and I will wholeheartedly confess that at times I’m not particularly proud of myself when it blows up into epic proportions like tonight.  They don’t happen often but when they do they are awesome, and by awesome I mean the literal sense – I am in awe that someone so little can lose the plot so easily over the smallest of things!  Normally Miss B is the cruisiest of cruisey kids, but I’m guessing the terrible 3’s are taking hold.  And seriously, they are definitely taking hold. This kid knows my buttons and she pushed them all tonight and on the back of a rough day and with little patience remaining, let’s just say it played out the way it played out.  And ended up with both of us exhausted and miserable.

On the upside, I did catch glimpses of the Bachelorette in between the trips back and forth to the bedroom and in an exchange of FB messages with a group of other Bachie Queen fangirls I know, I did get to share this lovely image to compare how stunning I looked when skydiving as compared to when the gorgeous Ms Frost did it on tonight’s episode. #nailedit


Are you winning at your place this week? Any tips on wrangling a 3 year old girl with mega attitude at bedtimes?


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