sniffle, sniffle, aah-choo!

You can see where this post is going already can’t you?

Yep, after a week or so of dealing with two sick little girls, it would appear that the gift that keeps on giving has been passed over to me.  I had big plans for today and managed to get through the morning and a lunch date quite ok.  But come mid-afternoon, I was done.  Tired, sick and cranky with a whopping headache and no energy.

The day started out fine.  I dropped Miss B off to child care and with all this talk about returning to work I rationalised with myself that I needed some new ‘work clothes’ so I headed to the shopping centre (shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really need any work clothes…).  Sadly, it was one of those trips where you’re prepared to buy, but there isn’t much to inspire so there wasn’t too much damage done and as an added bonus, I actually found a dress for a wedding we have coming up in March so I actually felt like I was winning at life for a little while there.

I made my way over to Big W for nappies and formula and ended up with this set of toilet training steps.


Yes, soon I will be able to regale you with stories of this next wonderful phase of toddlerdom.

Afterwards, I caught up with a friend for lunch and talked all things baby for an hour and a half and then things started to go down hill.  On the drive home I felt like I’d been hit by a Mack truck (which incidentally, is not what my hubby drives).  After putting Miss A down for a nap, I tried for one myself but to no avail and spent the afternoon wandering aimlessly throughout the house, knowing I had plenty I could be doing but not having the energy for any of it.

I dragged myself off the couch to pick up Miss B and begin the night time routine and thankfully, bedtime wasn’t too much of a horrorshow tonight although it still took a good half an hour of putting Miss B back to bed repeatedly.  Which is a million times more preferable to the hysterics we’ve been experiencing the last few nights.

And here we are now, sitting here at my computer, writing this post, watching Andy Murray win the semi of the Aus Open and realising that I should have gone to bed an hour ago!  There were a few things I was going to touch on tonight, but to do them justice means that I have to actually be fully awake and functioning, which I’m not. So tonight, I’m going to leave you to revel in this awesomeness in lieu of any poignant ramblings that I can offer up.

Yes – I love it! It’s the ultimate pick me up (well, that and the What does the fox say song by Ylvis but that’s a post for another day!)

Do you tend to catch whatever your kids have got? Care to share a youtube clip that takes you straight to your happy place?


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