Life’s grand at the Cape (le Grand)

Ok, so I’ll put this out there up front. We’ve got a new contender in our top 3 favourite places! Prior to arriving at Cape le Grand, our top three consisted of: Bay of Fires (Tas) Minnie Water (NSW) Flinders Ranges (SA) I haven’t quite figured out whether Minnie Water or Flinders Ranges has dropped …

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Intrigue at South West Rocks

Our time at South West Rocks was steeped in history and stunning in its surrounds. Normally we don't book anywhere and just wing it, but we had noticed that the closer to the coast we are, the harder it is to get in where we want. Sure enough, we left making any booking too late and …

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Farewell Flinders Ranges… we will return!

Warning - epic long post ahead! After nearly a week spent in the Flinders Ranges (including an extra day more than anticipated), it’s now time to move on. This is a place that we will definitely come back to although I suspect that there will be many places on our trip that we will vow …

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