Working in events has it's highs and it's lows! In previous events roles, I've been able to experience some pretty amazing highs.  From being involved in the Athen's Olympic torch relay and my absolute career highlight of organising the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Olympic Games to coordinating the 2014 triple j One night Stand (whilst …

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Not so long weekend

In Victoria, to celebrate all things AFL Grand Final, the State Government in its infinite wisdom declared tomorrow (Friday) a public holiday.  The thought process is believed to be an economy stimulus by giving people the day off work to head to Melbourne and soak up the atmosphere of the Grand Final Parade (oh, and spend …

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Drinks, Football and boardgames

Originally, I had plans to catch up with the girls for a few drinks tonight but for a whole range of reasons it fell through.  So some great friends of ours, aka the Fitz family, came over to watch the football (#gohawks #alwaysHawthorn #brownandgold) which is not an uncommon occurrence during footy season.  We had …

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