In preparation

It hit 36 degrees today and it was glorious! I’m a fan of the hot weather and whilst most gripe in the heat, I thrive.  But today we spent most of it indoors, getting the house ready for tomorrow’s epic showdown between the Hawks and the Eagles.

The girls got to spend some time their daddy before he headed off for work and then it was stuck into the housework with Bryan Adams’ hits cranked up. The girls hit the playroom and I just loved walking in and seeing scenes like this:


Miss B was teaching Miss A how to make bacon and eggs – bless.

Miss A is so close to walking it’s not funny and so we went for a little wander around the coffee table:


And then a few hours later I spotted this new manoeuvre where she was walking along all fours!


After hitting the supermarket and butcher to buy supplies for the soiree tomorrow, I got stuck into making some dukkah in the thermie which kinda didn’t work out as planned (a bit too fine)!  And then I had planned to post up how to make pate in the thermie but alas, I forgot to take pics… well, except for this one, which hardly looks appealing.


But the finished product tasted great and is ready for tomorrow!


Chicken nuggets, chips and veges for dinner and we were done.  Girls are now asleep and that’s my plan too, ready for a big weekend!

Are you getting ready for the Grand Final weekend (AFL or NRL)? What’s on the menu at your place?


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