Working in events has it’s highs and it’s lows! In previous events roles, I’ve been able to experience some pretty amazing highs.  From being involved in the Athen’s Olympic torch relay and my absolute career highlight of organising the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Olympic Games to coordinating the 2014 triple j One night Stand (whilst pregnant!) are a couple that spring to mind.

But the downside of working in events is definitely the weekend work, and in this neck of the woods, working on really hot days.  But, it’s part and parcel and I still love it.

Today we had the three Hawthorn Football Club Premiership Cups (2013, 2014 and 2015) visit us thanks to some passionate local supporters who submitted a video to have the Cups finish their tour in Mildura!  The winning video is here (check out the awesome river in the background!): http://www.hawthornfc.com.au/video/2015-12-02/milduras-winning-submission

It was predicted to be a 44C day (112F for those in the Northern hemisphere) and we weren’t sure how many would turn up!  As it turned out, we had people lined up from 9am (event wasn’t due to start until 11am!) and over 600 people arrived to see the Cups and Premiership player Brian Lake (see the official video here – http://www.hawthornfc.com.au/video/2015-12-21/the-cups-in-mildura)



After an awesome day, we packed it all down and then I head off for a bit of me time at my hairdressers!

What did you get up to today? Are you a Hawthorn supporter?


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