Drinks, Football and boardgames

Originally, I had plans to catch up with the girls for a few drinks tonight but for a whole range of reasons it fell through. 

So some great friends of ours, aka the Fitz family, came over to watch the football (#gohawks #alwaysHawthorn #brownandgold) which is not an uncommon occurrence during footy season. 

We had homemade parmagianas to keep with the authentic feel of the night and watched Hawthorn lose by four points.  Needing the distraction and given its been a very very long time since we cracked out a dice or two we decided to pull out the box ‘o fun and start the boardgames sessions. 

So now, with a G&T in my hand, I am anticipating a very very late night! 

Did you watch your team lose today? Are you a fan on a boardgames evening?


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