Family time at Carnarvon

I’d been looking forward to getting to Carnarvon for a while, not because of a particular tourist attraction or point of interest, but because we were dropping in to see my cousin whom I hadn’t seen in close to 20 years.

After we’d spent our time out at Quobba (and the Carnarvon Hospital), we spent a few days with my cousin Mandy and gorgeous her family. Our two girls had been constantly asking us when they were going to see their cousins after I’d casually mentioned that we’d be stopping to see some more cousins as we passed through Carnarvon on the way to Quobba Station. And once they met, it was clear that all of the girls were going to get on like a house on fire.  And on the whole, they did and spent every waking moment playing (and destroying Mandy’s house) and we were able to enjoy our catch up with Mandy and Shane.

Had we not already had Osprey Bay booked (the only campground we had booked in advance the whole trip), we would have loved to have stayed a few more days to continue our catch up but we had to keep moving. One thing I do know though, is that we will be back again because we never even made it to the Space Musuem and I was dying to learn about Carnarvon’s involvement with putting man on the moon, something I had no idea about until we saw the big dish and Corey mentioned he’d heard something about it.

IMG_1594So until next time, Carnarvon!!

Do you stop to visit friends and relatives when you go travelling? Did you know that Carnarvon helped put man on the moon?


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