Westward bound

Finally, we're heading west! After a extended stay back home in Mildura and killing time in Melbourne whilst our van was in getting some things repaired, it is finally time to really start our trip and head west, to places that we've not been before! We left rainy Melbourne/Ocean Grove and made our way through … Continue reading Westward bound

Marking time in Melbourne

After the detour through Silo country (aka the Wimmera), we stopped at Halls Gap for a short two-night break before we headed into Melbourne.  We based ourselves at a national park area called Plantation Campground to explore the Grampians and spent our time sussing out McKenzie Falls and checking out the local wildlife. We also decided, after … Continue reading Marking time in Melbourne

A silo detour

Before Christmas, we had to stop in at our caravan manufacturer's factory and get a few things fixed on our van.  Unfortunately, there were some things that couldn't be done in this trip and so we had to make another time to take the van back to Melbourne so we could get some bigger things repaired - … Continue reading A silo detour

Ski race weekend in Robinvale

Ok, so we were leaving Mildura, but really, we were still around having just headed down the road to Robinvale to camp by the river for the Robinvale Ski Race.  Corey's dad camps in a great spot every year and generally we head down to the river on Ski Race weekend. This year we had the … Continue reading Ski race weekend in Robinvale

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

And so comes the pause in our trip, the one that we were half looking forward to and half dreading.  When planning our trip, we realised that Corey's dad's 70th birthday would be smack bang in the middle of our trip.  Our original route had us heading west first and we toyed with the idea … Continue reading Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Aussie Day tradition continues at the Lake

The past few years we have spent our Australia Day long weekend out at Lake Cullulleraine. Only 50km from Mildura, the trip out to the lake makes it feel as though we’re getting away for a break, but we’re not spending all that time travelling. We spend this time with a fabulous crew, who keep … Continue reading Aussie Day tradition continues at the Lake