Aussie Day tradition continues at the Lake

The past few years we have spent our Australia Day long weekend out at Lake Cullulleraine. Only 50km from Mildura, the trip out to the lake makes it feel as though we’re getting away for a break, but we’re not spending all that time travelling.

We spend this time with a fabulous crew, who keep the laughs rolling and are just all round great people to hang out with.  Prior to our trip, I used to work on Australia Day, coordinating the community’s civic celebrations and would head out to the lake after work was done, but this year I had no planning or event preparation to worry about so we could concentrate on making our way to the lake and enjoying an awesome weekend with the friends we’d not seen in six months.

We arrived a few days before everyone else turned up, which allowed us to duck into Mildura, a quick visit with family, grab some groceries and also our paddleboards, which are heaps of fun when you’re spending some time lakeside.  The next day we had some friends come out for a visit so the kids (small and big) headed out for a play.


A challenge had been thrown down for all the families to dress up in the best Aussie Day gear and never one to shy from a challenge… or a dress up… we represented in style!  I don’t know why we didn’t get pics of all of us as a family, but if you can imagine Corey & I dressed the same as the girls below (pictured below with Miss I),  then you get the idea!


Needless to say Team Sheriff nailed the dress up challenge!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, drinking, swimming, paddling and just doing what should be done on Australia Day – hanging out with a crew of awesome people that you want to hang out with on the best day of the year!

But sometimes, when there are kids everywhere, and the dads have been monopolising all the drinking time (meaning the mums are on constant kid duty), then sometimes you just need to put your hand up and offer to do a beer run. So that’s exactly what Bels & I did. In the next town over. An hour away. Just to get a break.

Yes. we. did!

We had a blast and we hope your Australia Day was just as awesome!


What did you get up to this Australia Day? Did you get to hang with the people that you love to hang with?


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