A silo detour

Before Christmas, we had to stop in at our caravan manufacturer’s factory and get a few things fixed on our van.  Unfortunately, there were some things that couldn’t be done in this trip and so we had to make another time to take the van back to Melbourne so we could get some bigger things repaired – relatively minor things, but things that had to be done in the factory and not by a repairer on the road.

So, we decided to leave Robinvale and head towards Melbourne via the Grampians as our original plan to come through there after Tassie was thwarted by an impromptu trip to Robe!  Given the time and opportunity, we thought we’d check out the silos at Brim stopping at Lake Lascelles on the way.

If you’re not familiar with the Brim Silos, then here is an example of a small, dying community town taking matters into their own hands and rejuvenating their community by commissioning an artist to paint giant-sized art on disused silos.  Now established as a tourist site, the Brim Silos are now known everywhere!

On the back of a successful gamble, nearby towns Patchewollock and Sheep Hills (which is not really a town) followed suit, also commissioning artists to paint their disused silos as well. And the results are spectacular.

In order below: Patchewollock by Fintan Magee, Brim by Guido van Helton, Sheep Hills by Adnate:

Brim’s silos were painted by Guido van Helton who is also completing a silo in Coonalpyn in South Australia which we’re hoping to see on our way over to Adelaide.  Brim also has a fabulous RV park for $10 a night with hot showers and toilets and a fabulous park for the kids.  A real surprise and I’m glad we decided to go check out the silos.

The detail of the Sheep Hills artwork is astonishing.  These pics don’t do them justice at all!

Do yourself a favour, and check it out.  I’m no art afficianado, but I know what I like and I’d highly recommend a detour through the Wimmera to take a look at these incredible silos for yourself.

Have you visited the silos in Brim, Patchewollock or Sheep Hills?  Do you know much about art or are you like me – you just like what you like?



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