Home again, home again, jiggity jig

And so comes the pause in our trip, the one that we were half looking forward to and half dreading.  When planning our trip, we realised that Corey’s dad’s 70th birthday would be smack bang in the middle of our trip.  Our original route had us heading west first and we toyed with the idea of buying Corey’s parents plane tickets to Perth as a birthday present.

We soon realised how disappointed Dave was going to be if we didn’t make it to his birthday and so we came up with another route (which ended up suiting us a lot better anyway as it turned out), so that we could be back in Mildura in time for the party.

Whilst we were excited to be seeing friends that we hadn’t seen in six months, we were a little worried that we’d lose the momentum that we’d had on our trip and to an extent that was bound to happen, but given we were at home, it was too good an opportunity to  top up the bank account while we were here. So a phone call later and Corey had picked up some work for the time we were home.  Just like that, we reverted back to our old routine of Corey off at work and me at home with the girls.

With Miss B feeling a bit homesick and really missing her childcare friends, we decided to put the girls into care for a couple of days a week, to give them the chance to catch up with their friends.  It also gave me the opportunity to have a break as well!  We were lucky to have several options for places to stay and ended up staying at a mate’s place as he had heaps of room and a little bungalow out the back.  It was the perfect set up – thanks Shaun!


And from there, we pretty much just got into the routine of catching up with family:

Catching up with friends:


Keeping the girls busy and cool in the 45 degree heat:

Going to all the cool shows with our favourite people (Guns & Roses and Playschool):

Catching up with my awesome Mums Group:IMG_8595

Taking the time to soak up the best Mildura has to offer:

Culling the excess, hanging some pics for the girls, and creating new seat covers for the van:

Taking some time out for me:

And of course Pop’s 70th birthday:IMG_8566

In many ways, the six weeks we were home flew by so quickly, and dragged on forever at the same time.  We loved being home and spending time with all those people who mean something to us, but we were looking forward to hitting the road again too!

So whilst it is farewell for now, it won’t be too long before we’re back again! Bye Mildura!


Do you enjoy getting back to your home town? What are your favourite things about going back home?





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