Ready, or are we?

Today is the official start to my week of annual leave.  With the intention of packing our camper trailer so that we could wake up and simply head off, we woke early and by 8.30am I’d dropped the girls at childcare for the day.  That’s pretty much where it began to come unstuck.  Dear hubby decided that there were some things that we ‘needed’ for the camper before we headed off so I agreed to tag along thinking it’d be two hours tops and I’d be back by lunch time and ready to get the packing sorted.

Nearly four hours and several hundred dollars later we arrived home and all I wanted to do was take a nap.  But I commenced packing the dreaded clothes first!


Now, ordinarily it’s not too big a deal to pack our bags.  I use one suitcase for the hubby and I and the other for the girls.  The problem though was this:


Yes, did you pick up the thunderstorms and the two days where we are looking at potentially 20mm of rain!!! And although the temperatures are looking quite good and not too cold, you just never know so you have to hedge all bets and pack accordingly.  It also means a few extra blankets need to be packed, just in case as well as the heater (because it’s glamping that we’re doing, not camping!).

After got everything packed, in between picking up the girls, doing the grocery shopping, cooking dinner, bath and bed routine I thought that I should really do some baking so the girls had some snacks for the upcoming 5 days (and to use up some fruit as we can’t travel with it where we’re heading).  So I dusted the cobwebs of the Thermomix and got my baking on.


Which resulted in a banana bread, chic chip cookies and some energy bliss balls:


A tidy up of the kitchen and a vacuum over the floors followed so that I don’t have to come home to a messy house and here I am.  I’m about to go through my final list and make sure I put all the things I can remember down on paper before I forget and then it’s a shower and bed for me.

Here’s looking forward to a smooth trip and clear skies for at least one day of our time away!

Do you have any plans to head away this weekend? How long does it that you to prepare and get ready for camping trips?



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