Ready, or are we?

Today is the official start to my week of annual leave.  With the intention of packing our camper trailer so that we could wake up and simply head off, we woke early and by 8.30am I'd dropped the girls at childcare for the day.  That's pretty much where it began to come unstuck.  Dear hubby …

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Prepping for Nanowrimo

Can you believe that we are already nearing the end of October? Someone even said that it was only 8 more Friday's until Christmas - what the what now? But as we inch closer to Christmas, that also means we inch closer to Nanowrimo in November... Now you're really asking what the what now, aren't you? …

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Playing catch up

You know you're holidays have definitely come to an end when you find yourself running around the house like a mad thing, trying to get things under control for the remainder of the week.  Tonight has been madness trying to get myself organised, wash and dry clothing, prepare dinner for tomorrow, work on a friend's business website …

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